SafeRock® is at the forefront of agricultural sustainability in its efforts to provide a natural solution to the global crisis of soil degradation.

Our resource, SafeRock® has been certified for use in organic agriculture as a mineral soil conditioner. The minerals are 100 per cent recoverable with nothing added or taken away in the process. The geological reports inform us that this unique blend of minerals originated from the ocean floor south of the Equator millions of years ago.

Without SafeRock®

With SafeRock®

SafeRock® Insights


0% recoverable with no additives

SafeRock® provides a unique blend of minerals and nutrients that are 100 percent recoverable with no additives being used or waste being created.



Increasing the pH of acidic soils

SafeRock® has a 8.83 pH level which increases the pH of acidic soils.


Up to 0% less fertiliser required

SafeRock® reduces losses of fertilisers via leaching and volatilisation resulting in increased fertiliser efficiency and reduced fertiliser input costs.

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