Corporate Social Responsibility

SafeRock® is an advocate of sustainable agricultural practice and committed to the research and development of organic soil amendments, with the strategic aim that these endeavours will be of benefit to future generations.

SafeRock® is at the forefront of agricultural sustainability. Our resource, SafeRock®, provides a natural holistic solution to help mitigate the global crisis of soil degradation through its unique blend of minerals and nutrients that are 100 percent recoverable with no additives being used or waste being created. SafeRock® has been certified for use as a soil conditioner suitable for use in organic farming.

SafeRock® contain many of the minerals and trace elements essential for healthy plants and crops and helps stimulate increased microbial and earthworm activity which make nutrients more plant available. We are excited by the trial data and anecdotal evidence which has been gathered to date.

Code of Practice

SafeRock® has produced an Environmental Code of Practice in line with ISO 14001 quality procedures in consultation with other key stakeholders, including our quarry operator, transportation operator, and community representatives.

SafeRock® has entered into agreements with the quarry operator and the transport operator to implement environmental improvement targets. These targets will be based on environmental audits of operator site and transportation routes, and will be measured against the standards specified in our Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice provides an environmental audit protocol against which each site’s performance in key areas of environmental impact can be assessed and appropriate improvement measures identified.

Any queries in relation to any aspect of the Code of Practice should be directed to the Management Board of SafeRock®

Local Community Engagement and Employment

We considered our responsibility towards the communities in which we work from the outset. Our quarry is situated in Northern Ireland and our intention is to help the local communities in that area. We are using an established local company, A.S. Ballantine, which has contributed to the progress in providing roads, homes and utilities in County Tyrone for our civil engineering and quarrying requirements.

We are using BF Projects to transport the rock dust from our quarries to Belfast Harbour. With the demand we are expecting for our resource we expect many new jobs and opportunities to be created over time.

We hope that the fair use of local labour and infrastructure improvements will provide a “feel good” factor about the quarry, which will reverberate throughout the community. We will ensure that the management of traffic and any disruption to public access and amenities are kept to a minimum; working with the public and local authorities on road and development issues.

We will be exporting our products around the world from Belfast Harbour. It is interesting to note that Belfast Harbour received a top ‘green’ accolade from Business in the Community’s ARENA Network by achieving Platinum status by being the overall top performing company at the 14th Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey Results Launch. It is also our intention to eventually incorporate Dublin Port and offset our carbon footprint by using rail transport.

Marketing and Communications

Of course, sustainability and environmental communication with our stakeholders is at the heart and forefront of our business. It is fundamental to relationships with our staff, suppliers, distributors and stakeholders. SafeRock® promotes environmental and community activities through events and social media, in order to lead by example and encourage others to do the same.

SafeRock® also strives to use recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) rated materials where possible and to source from local suppliers thus reducing its supply chain carbon footprint. Our company actively promote environmental awareness, and strives to align every business operation with its sustainability ethos. From product lifecycle analysis to environmental auditing, we aim to set an industry standard operating as a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

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