Conference – Why Soil Matters?

Presentation – Why Soil Matters?

Secrets to Soil Fertility Exposed!

In this video, Dr Elaine Ingham exposes the true solutions to soil fertility. She explains how mother nature amazingly recycles nutrients. It’s very simple. If we work with nature we get all benefits and farming would be easy. All it takes it to plant seed then come back at harvest. Pests, diseases, lack of fertility and other problems do not exist if we have the right biology going in our soil.

What is soil?

Soil is connected to almost all aspects of our lives, yet we often take it for granted. To mark the International Day of Soil on December 5, we interviewed several project managers at the European Environment Agency (EEA) about this precious resource.

Water Movement in Soil

With the help of sound management practices, water can move into the soil rather than running off. This video describes how and why soils transmit water at different rates. For more information, see

Remineralizing Brazil: A Visit to Embrapa

SOIL not DIRT - Dr Elaine Ingham talks Soil Microbiology

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