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What is the difference between a soil amendment and a fertiliser?


The purpose of soil amendments – or conditioners – and fertilisers are to help plant growth. However, did you know that they work in very different ways? The contents and condition of the soil can strongly influence a plant by either limiting or increasing growth. By using either a soil amendment or a fertiliser, the […]

SafeRock® Minerals: A chemical-free approach to sustainable agriculture


In our latest post, we’ve taken a look at the risks of chemicals to soil health, and how farming with chemical fertilisers can be destructive to the environment, from crop production and animal health to food security and unsustainability.   What are the risks of using chemical fertilisers in soils? Chemical fertilisers add nutrients to […]

What is essential for soil fertility and crop health?


Simply put, good soil is the foundation of sustainable farming. It’s essential for the growth of healthy plants and crops, and maintaining the health of animals. Good soil is rich in nutrients like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and thriving with microbes and earthworms, which helps plants to develop healthy fibrous root systems. Healthy soil is […]

What are the effects of soil degradation?


We’re constantly reminded of the causes and effects of pollution. Often, it’s air pollution from anthropogenic sources like power plants and cars or natural sources like dust and methane. In recent years, light pollution has also been credited for affecting health and disrupting ecosystems. Soil pollution, by contrast, is seldom discussed. When the importance of […]

The problem of soil erosion for Indian agriculture and how Saferock can help


India suffers from a range of environmental problems that are caused by its unique geographical location and the environment and eco-system that pervade and encroach on the quality of its soils. Typically, Indian soil quality suffers from soil erosion, fertility loss, water logging, salinity and alkalinity and man-made issues like urbanisation and transport development issues. […]